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FIVE STAR FILMS #75: Yankee Doodle Dandy (Michael Curtiz – 1942)

A look at one of America’s most patriotic classic films. 

The Adventures of Tin Tin & The Secret of the Unicorn (Steven Spielberg – 2011) Movie Review

Tin Tin is a visual feast...and it doesn't look like there will ever be a follow up.
Pixar Post - Inside Out Sneak Peek Character Lineup

Pixar’s latest movie INSIDE OUT Trailer and Character Introductions

If you don't cackle at the character intro for Sadness, you may be a robot.

Attack the Block (Joe Cornish – 2011) Movie Review

Joe Cornish’s debut directorial effort is as good as I remembered, perhaps better.

FIVE STAR FILMS: The Whole Bloody List ***UPDATED 23/11/2014***

After almost two and a half years, the greatest films of all time have truly begun to emerge.

POD SAVE OUR SCREEN #66: Awww The Singing Demon

What began with Maria and Blake discussing the sensational Fargo TV Series quickly devolved into a discussion of Buffy, Angel, Marvel TV casting news...

The Mule (Tony Mahony & Angus Sampson – 2014) Movie Review

Writhing, sure that you can smell (and nearly taste) faecal matter and counting down the seconds until you're going to projectile vomit; no you...

Why Ex Machina is the most exciting sci-fi on our Horizon

Alex Garland's Ex Machina looks awesome in trailer form.


Instead of having to wait for the international award season in early 2015 to consolidate the best flicks of 2014, I’ve decided to compile...
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Cutie and the Boxer DVD Giveaway

Thanks to Arthouse Films and Madman Entertainment we have 5 copies of CUTIE AND THE BOXER to giveaway (5 DVDS).