First Impressions of Netflix’s Luke Cage

Thoughts are based on the first 7 episodes released by Netflix to critics.

Sully (2016) Movie Review: Time to Heal

With each new perspective of the day, despite knowing the outcome, the Hudson River landing sequence becomes harrowing because the people matter.

POPSTAR: Never Stop Never Stopping: This is just a tribute

This is not the greatest mockumentary in the world, no! This is just a tribute. But you've gotta believe me, it's still really fair,...

MISSING DICKS: The Naked City (1948) Movie Review: “Investigation 101”

Several issues back our Graffiti Thursday schedule featured our list of Definitive Detective films. Thanks to the contribution and collaboration from our team and...

The Get Down ditches nostalgia in favour of a cultural remix

The Get Down throws a wild party from inside the musical melting pot, but it earns the right to sample elements of pop culture...

Depraved Fable: Nicolas Winding Refn’s (NWR) The Neon Demon

Watching The Neon Demon it’s apparent that NWR films use the real world as a portal to a surreal and mystical one. To view...

Lo and Behold: Werner shall do ALL the documentaries

Just try to watch one of his films without resorting to narrating the rest of that day as Werner, I 'darez' ya.

Kickboxer: Vengeance: JCVDeja Vu

Give me a more realistically formidable bad guy and a drunken JVCD bar fight any day of the week.

MISSING DICKS: Sea of Love (1989) “She’s Got a Great A**” 

Sea of Love, written by Price, and directed by Harold Becker is a tale of a New York cop so desperate to regain attachment...

Ratchet and Clank Blu Ray Giveaway

Thanks to Roadshow Home Entertainment we have 10 copies of Ratchet and Clank to giveaway (10 Blu Rays).