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Film Review 

REVIEW: EDGE OF TOMORROW (Doug Liman – 2014)

Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow is the sci-fi answer to Groundhog Day that Source Code tried to be.

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Features Interview 

INTERVIEW: Christopher McQuarrie (Director/Screenwriter Jack Reacher)

In fact meeting Jack Reacher’s director/screen writer Christopher McQuarrie really couldn’t have been cooler. The candid and eloquent ‘go to’ screenwriter is finally getting a chance to show off his directorial aptitude for a mainstream audience and boy did he grab it with both hands.

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NEWS: Christopher McQuarrie plays confirm/deny with a plethora of rumoured projects

Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects), off the successful reworking of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and his second turn in the director’s chair adapting Lee Child’s novel ‘One Shot’ into Jack Reacher – has been attached to hundreds of speculative projects. Today a a round table interview with Urban Cinefile, Dark Horizons & Graffiti with Punctuation we were able to see what’s actually slated and what’s pure rumour.

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