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The Top 10 film characters ‘punching above their weight’

In honour of Mr Allen’s romantic overcompensations we’re counting down the Top 10 film characters who are punching above their own weight in the love department.

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Film Review 

REVIEW: That’s My Boy

With a run that’s included and instantaneous contender for worst film of all time Jack and Jill, Adam Sandler’s latest That’s My Boy uses an incredible chain of potential offense and  80s idolatry, weaved into a  paltry comedy that beats you with over explained, repetitious shtick. That’s My Boy follows Sandler a boy statutory raped (that’s right) at thirteen by his teacher who he impregnates. Once the teacher is jailed he’s told that he’ll be responsible for the child’s upbringing. Donny tries to rekindle their broken relationship when his son’s…

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