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A WOMAN OF FIRSTS: An Interview with Lexi Alexander

“You can’t leave people behind.”

SPECTRE (Sam Mendes – 2015) Movie Review

Spectre is the collision of everything we love about Craig's contribution to the character and the all 23 official Bonds preceding it.

CRIMSON PEAK (Guillermo del Toro – 2015) Movie Review

Crimson Peak supersedes homage and becomes something new; a re-original.
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SPY (Paul Feig – 2015) Movie Review

You'd be hard pressed to find a consistently funnier film than Spy in 2015.
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BRIDGE OF SPIES (Steven Spielberg – 2015) Movie Review

Just as Bridge of Spies poster will tell you, it's "directed by Steven Spielberg," and that will always make it worthwhile viewing.
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Miss You Already (Catherine Hardwicke – 2015) Movie Review

Miss You Already cuts right to the heart of those who've been directly and indirectly touched by the unforgiving bitch, cancer.
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The Man from U.N.C.L.E (Guy Ritchie – 2015) Movie Review

The Man from U.N.C.L.E has some flaws, a dash of predictability and some questionable plot turns; but everyone involved brims with how much fun...
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Legend (Brian Helgeland – 2015) Movie Review

The Kray Twins, Ronald and Reginald (Tom Hardy x2) rose to the top of the London gangster pops in the late 60s with a...

BLACK MASS (Scott Cooper – 2015) Move Review

Black Mass has the ambition to be Goodfellas; the fact that it failed doesn't make the film a failure though; it's worth your time...
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SICARIO (Denis Villeneuve – 2015) Movie Review

Sicario looks so good that it's impossible not to gush; features excellent performances by the trio of central characters and forces you to wrestle...