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FIVE STAR FILMS #64: A Night at the Opera (Sam Wood – 1935)

A Night at the Opera is hilarious, and is widely regarded as one of the funniest comedies of all time. It’s a worthy recipient of Graffiti with Punctuation Five Star Film status. Now, some reasons why this film is so terrific …..

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10322824_10152321133457870_7902438981603708736_n Pod Save Our Screen Podcast 

POD SAVE OUR SCREEN #55: Only Androgynous Vampires Left Alive

In one of the creepiest episodes of POD SAVE OUR SCREEN to date Maria and Blake salivate over the hot Russian guy from Vampire Academy (oh and the salvageable elements of the film). Then dive into the magnificence of Only Lovers Left Alive.

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Lineup for the 61st Sydney Film Festival Announced

The 61st Sydney Film Festival consists of 183 titles from 47 countries and includes 15 World Premieres (including 6 World Premiere short films), 122 Australian premieres (including 14 Australian premiere short films) and 6 International premieres (including 1 International Premiere short film).

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Son-of-Batman-Blu-ray-cover-art DVD/BLU RAY Review 

REVIEW: SON OF BATMAN (Ethan Spaulding – 2014)

… director Ethan Spaulding and writer James Bobinson have the unfortunate task of taking massive liberties with Grant Morrison’s sensational comic book run Batman and Son and squeeze its square peg into the round hole that is Son of Batman.

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maxresdefault Film Review 

REVIEW: The Double (Richard Ayoade – 2013)

“I have no idea what just happened?” was my immediate reaction after enduring director and co-writer Richard Ayoade’s The Double, a surreal exercise in cinematic narrative alienation, peppered with comedic interruption.

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What Makes a Mann?: Part 3 – Mann’s Style: Ali, Collateral & Miami Vice

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON CASTLECO-OP.COM January 26th 2011 The Catharsis of Ali Ali (Will Smith) is an important figure in Mann’s representations of masculinity as tied to professional life and persona. In the boxing world, his style developed a new avenue of discourse such that his position in the history of his profession changed what could be possible in his sport. Most importantly Ali had a crucial impact on the changing and crisis-ridden nature of US culture at the time. Mann’s men are consummate professionals and have codes and styles to ensure…

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What Makes a Mann?: Part 2 – Masculinity and Heat

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON CASTLECO-OP.COM November 28th 2010 Machismo after ‘new Hollywood’ To contextualise the varying incarnations of US masculinity from the end of ‘new Hollywood’ to the Reagan-Era conservatism of the ‘80s, Jeffords notes that: First Blood [1982] and Rambo: First Blood, Part II [1985] set the poles for the alteration in the image of the veteran that transpired in recent years, an alteration in which the image of the victimised soldier/veteran/American male has been regenerated into an image of strength and revived masculinity.[i] War Veterans before the Vietnam conflict were celebrated. When…

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What Makes a Mann?: Part 1 – Authorship & The Insider

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON CASTLECO-OP.COM November 9th 2010 “Auteur, yes, but what of?” Authorship has always been a contentious critical mode within film theory. In structuralist and poststructuralist conceptions, searching for what a mythic author was trying to say in the text, inhibited textual analysis and viewer/reader agency. In his seminal 1968 essay, ‘Death of the Author,’ Roland Barthes famously claimed that “to give writing its future, it is necessary to overthrow the myth: the birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the author.”[i]Barthes’ primary objective…

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