REVIEW: Dracula Untold (Gary Shore – 2014) – 2nd Opinion

With a sharp eye and a well-calibrated sense of its own silliness, Dracula Untold is a pretty great time at the movies – if...

REVIEW: Annabelle (John R. Leonetti – 2014)

Annabelle is like cold and dry leftovers from a roast dinner; it’s adequate as long as you don’t expect too much.

REVIEW: Dracula Untold (Gary Shore – 2014)

Also, what part of the Dracula legend is 'Untold'? Besides Bram Stoker's original 1897 novel, there have been some 79 films over the past...

Trent Reznor’s Five Star Film: Dead Ringers (David Cronenberg – 1988)

Music legend Trent Reznor shares his unsurprisingly dark Five Star Film.

REVIEW – The Equalizer (Antoine Fuqua – 2014)

Watching Washington do almost anything is good; watching him as a modern ronin, that makes the scariest groups of villains cower like helpless puppies...

The Originals Season One BLU-RAY GIVEAWAY

Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment we have 10 copies of The Originals Season One to giveaway (10 Blu-Rays). Official Synopsis: Klaus Mikaelson (Morgan), the original...

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 BLU-RAY GIVEAWAY

Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment we have 10 copies of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 to giveaway (10 Blu-Rays). Official Synopsis: After a sizzling summer with...

REVIEW – Sin City 2 (Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller – 2014)

The dirtiest grime has been cleaned, like a death metal band releasing an unplugged album. Miller and Rodriguez want to return you to the...

Pop a Recap: Fox’s Gotham – Episode One – Pilot

Fox is going back to the beginning of one of the icons of the Batman universe, James Gordon (The O.C and Southland’s Ben McKenzie)...

REVIEW: Gone Girl (David Fincher – 2014)

David Fincher is the king of unsettling cinema. He’s an architect of dread and he manages to build something so entirely creepy and disturbing...