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AUTEUR ANONYMOUS: Episode Two – David Fincher – SE7EN

In this brand new GwP podcast AUTEUR ANONYMOUS Blake and Patrick Howard open the gush floodgates on David Fincher and film that catapulted him into the directorial winners circle – SE7EN. Come for the poor Morgan Freeman impressions stay for observing the insanely predictive commentary on America as a surveillance state and the boys shouting out the key ingredients of what makes a Fincher cinematic recipe.

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poster Features FIVE STAR FILMS 

FIVE STAR FILMS #64: A Night at the Opera (Sam Wood – 1935)

A Night at the Opera is hilarious, and is widely regarded as one of the funniest comedies of all time. It’s a worthy recipient of Graffiti with Punctuation Five Star Film status. Now, some reasons why this film is so terrific …..

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