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REVIEW: X-Men: First Class (Matthew Vaughan – 2011)

Vaughan, Singer and their team bring together a new X-Men holy trinity (McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence) and turn the tide on a franchise that...

FIVE STAR FILMS #71: McCabe and Mrs Miller (Robert Altman – 1971)

Just a year following his comedy hit, M*A*S*H, the great Robert Altman made what remains my favourite of his films, McCabe & Mrs. Miller
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REVIEW: Felony (Matthew Saville – 2013)

Right and wrong mutate from opposing shades into a snarled bramble in Felony.

FIVE STAR FILMS #70: All About Eve (Joseph L. Mankiewicz – 1950)

A look at Mankiewicz's delicious multi Oscar-winning mid-century classic, starring the iconic Bette Davis.

REDUX – FIVE STAR FILMS #21: Apocalypse Now (1979)

I was ashamed. I re-read this spartan little stitching together of captions that barely scratched the surface of the psychedelic, existential war epic....

REVIEW: Joe (David Gordon Green – 2013)

Powerhouse performances from Cage and Sheridan and Green's engaging direction assure Joe is a film that will rattle around in your mind for days.

REVIEW: The Dirties (Matt Johnson – 2013) [Possible Worlds Film Festival]

The Dirties is the kind of film that will ruin you, but devastate so artfully that your faith in humanity is restored.
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REVIEW: The Heart Machine (Zachary Wigon – 2014) [Possible Worlds Film Festival]

One part Vertigo, one part Catfish - The Heart Machine is a great tale of modern paranoia as a result of severing personal connection.

REVIEW: THE MEND (John Magary – 2014) [Possible Worlds Film Festival]

Oscar Wilde once said: "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." The Mend is about choices. Do you toss someone a...

‘Goodbye Robin Williams’: Personal Goodbye’s to a Phenomenal Cosmic Power

Personal Goodbye's to Robin Williams, a Phenomenal Cosmic Power