REVIEW: Warrior (GAVIN O’CONNOR – 2011)

Without the trio of spectacular near devout performances Warrior couldn't have gone the distance.

FIVE STAR FILMS #72: The Apartment (Billy Wilder – 1960)

A look at Billy Wilder’s much-lauded classic The Apartment, the Best Picture Oscar-winner for 1960
Agent Carter 3

REVIEW: Agent Carter (Louis D’Esposito – 2013)

With a Agent Carter TV Series in development, it seemed like an opportune moment to review the 'One Shot' pilot.

Atticus Ross’ Five Star Film: Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese – 1976)

Atticus Ross shares his Five Star Film with Graffiti.

REVIEW: If I Stay (R. J. Cutler – 2014)

From the authentic family feel created by the impressive cast to one of the best soundtracks of the year, it's a film you never...

REVIEW: Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets (Florian Habicht – 2014)

"What I especially enjoyed about this unconventional rock-doc is the fact that it isn't just about the band, but very much also the people...
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REVIEW: X-Men: First Class (Matthew Vaughan – 2011)

Vaughan, Singer and their team bring together a new X-Men holy trinity (McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence) and turn the tide on a franchise that...

FIVE STAR FILMS #71: McCabe and Mrs Miller (Robert Altman – 1971)

Just a year following his comedy hit, M*A*S*H, the great Robert Altman made what remains my favourite of his films, McCabe & Mrs. Miller
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REVIEW: Felony (Matthew Saville – 2013)

Right and wrong mutate from opposing shades into a snarled bramble in Felony.