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Justice League: Gods and Monsters (Sam Liu – 2015)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s GOATEE.

Lost River (Ryan Gosling – 2014) Movie Review

Lost River lives up to its title. Prepare to glide through the decay of 'Inconsequential Town U.S.A' about to be swallowed up by an...

HANNIBABBLE PODCAST: Digestivo/Red Dragon Preview

Welcome to the HanniBABBLE podcast; the ultimate post episode analysis of you're favourite TV and Movie cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

BLACK MASS PREVIEW – Originally published in Penthouse AU

When the teaser for Black Mass emerged (playing out as a direct homage to the Tommy DeVito "funny how" sequence) it was obvious that...

The Wire Complete Series Collection Blu Ray Giveaway

Thanks to HBO Home Entertainment we have 5 copies of The Wire Complete Series Collection Blu Ray to giveaway (5 Blu Rays).

The Little Death (Josh Lawson – 2014) Movie Review

The Little Death is a cautionary tale to selfishness and sexual conservatism; told with a desire to be cringe-worthy. It's clever, but it knows...
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Dirty Wars (Rick Rowley – 2013) Movie Review

Dirty Wars is frightening and it's not over.
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’71 DVD Giveaway

Thanks to eOne Home Entertainment we have 5 copies of '71 to giveaway (5 DVDs).

Beyond the Reach (Jean-Baptiste Léonetti – 2014) Movie Review

Beyond the Reach is a messy patchwork of potential, but the conclusion takes such a leap into the totally batshit that you're kind of...
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It Follows Blu Ray Giveaway

Thanks to Reel DVD we have 5 copies of It Follows to giveaway (5 Blu Rays).