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AT5E3883.CR2 DVD/BLU RAY Review 

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut) – A Lasting Legacy

The X-Men have been at the forefront of popular culture for a very long time. From their comic book debut in 1963 to the latest special effects loaded action movie, the X-Men have made their way into nearly every form of media in the 21st century. For 90’s kids, cramming in episodes of the X-Men Animated Series before school or waking up early on a Saturday to catch the latest adventure was the norm and even to this day it’s hard to listen to the nostalgia-invoking theme song without breaking out…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.16.42 pm DVD/BLU RAY Film Review 

DVD REVIEW: God’s Pocket (John Slattery – 2014)

John Slattery’s (Roger Sterling from Mad Men) strange and darkly humorous debut centres on a little town known as God’s Pocket and the tribal justice that keeps balance in their little stagnant puddle of the world.

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42-movie DVD/BLU RAY Review 

DVD REVIEW: 42 (Brian Helgeland – 2013)

42 stands out because unlike many films in recent memory, it hinges upon a single dramatic centerpiece to elevate the rest of the film; and that scene is absolutely spectacular.

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Son-of-Batman-Blu-ray-cover-art DVD/BLU RAY Review 

REVIEW: SON OF BATMAN (Ethan Spaulding – 2014)

… director Ethan Spaulding and writer James Bobinson have the unfortunate task of taking massive liberties with Grant Morrison’s sensational comic book run Batman and Son and squeeze its square peg into the round hole that is Son of Batman.

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The-Bling-Ring DVD/BLU RAY Film Review 

DVD REVIEW: THE BLING RING (Sofia Coppola – 2013)

The Bling Ring gives you the feeling that you can reach out and slap these zombified teens out of their apathy – unfortunately you’re restricted to your seat and to your judgement – Coppola makes you work.

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4469899 DVD/BLU RAY Review 

DVD REVIEW: The Place Beyond the Pines (Derek Cianfrance – 2012)

The Place Beyond the Pines is a heart-wrenching epic poem that quashes the delusion that sons won’t be affected by the actions of their fathers.

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hemingway-and-gelhorn-hbo-poster DVD/BLU RAY Review 

DVD REVIEW: Hemingway & Gellhorn (Phillip Kaufman – 2012)

Hemingway and Gellhorn suffers because the story of a woman not wanting to be the footnote in her partner’s career, whose message inadvertently becomes the footnote in a meandering mess of a biopic.

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the_hangover_part_3_movie-wide DVD/BLU RAY Review 

REVIEW:The Hangover Part III (2013) 2nd Opinion

Co writer/director Todd Phillps’ finale changes the key ingredients of the Hangover recipe in a failed attempt to please punters and critics alike. After a death in the family that highlights that Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has been off his meds, the wolf-pack (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha) intervene to get him back on track. On their way to a medical retreat they’re abducted by a gangster, Marshall (John Goodman), with connections to their past. Their way out; track down escaped prisoner Mr Chow (Ken Jeong), and capture him…..

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When getaway driver “Charlie Bronson’s” (Dax Shepard) time in witness protection is cut short after his identity is blown, what ensues is a rubber-melting gasoline-burning muscle car road chase, where seat belts are not optional and everything will change.. even Charlie’s name! When Charlie or should we say Yul Perkins’s girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) is offered her dream job in LA, Yul offers to pull the cover of his “ride” and drive her there much to the protest of clumsy US Marshall Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold). But when Annie’s ex-husband…

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lwp2 DVD/BLU RAY Review 

DVD REVIEW: Life Without Principle

Money is the root of all evil, as three people with nothing in common will discover. The only thing connecting them all is a bag containing 5 million dollars… and their desperate need for cash. This is the synopsis on the back of the DVD for Life without Principle that I hold in my hand. Although it is an exciting premise, Johnnie To’s financial narrative is far more complex and identifiable than this genre-centric description. Although Life Without Principle is set in Hong Kong it is actually an overview of…

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lan 1 DVD/BLU RAY Review 

DVD REVIEW: Lan Kwai Fong

In the words of the vacuous mumbling hopeless hip-hop lyrics in the background “O.M.G., you’re so pre-t-ty” and frankly, if this sentence grabs or moves you in any positive way you should buy ten copies of this ‘film.’ For anyone else expect 90 minutes of unpleasant pointless inane half-assed sexiness confined to the prison of a mediocre nightclub and the lives of some truly awful douchebags, hardly a recommendation, but you are probably having fun regarding my snarky tone that you should probably read on.   The events, because story…

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