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heat20th Features Opinion 

HEAT 20TH ANNIVERSARY: “Never goin’ back.”

Al Pacino, when discussing his portrayal as Vincent Hannah, revealed that he and Mann had constructed Hannah as a cocaine addict. They never wanted to show it on screen, but his portrayal is informed by this decision.

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The-Neon-Demon-poster-11-620x413 Features Opinion 

Depraved Fable: Nicolas Winding Refn’s (NWR) The Neon Demon

Watching The Neon Demon it’s apparent that NWR films use the real world as a portal to a surreal and mystical one. To view The Neon Demon as purely a metaphor for the fashion industry and the currency of beauty is far too dismissive and literal. Refn’s work, particularly The Neon Demon, functions as parable. There are moral or spiritual warnings at play in his works that blur the lines of space, time and form. In a work staged in an identifiably modern Los Angeles, beauty is currency and therefore…

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They Live (1988)
Directed by John Carpenter Features Opinion 

Building Worlds and Living in Them: Thoughts on They Live and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Here are some brief thoughts on why They Live builds an amazing world, and why the world of Wrath of Khan is more reminiscent of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World than most space faring adventures.

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CLIMB HIGH Features Opinion 

Stop passing final judgment on films you haven’t seen yet

Looking around the Internet in response to the trailer for the new Ghostbusters and it’s clear most people have forgotten how advertising works. So here’s a refresher: a trailer is a piece of advertising for a film—it’s not the film.

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Call-ML_poster-wide-1150x476 Features News Opinion 

Recommendations for Sydney Underground Film Festival 2015

This year there’s a great selection of films over the four days but for those of you Sydney cinephiles that aren’t going to be able to see more than a film a day I’ve cherry picked a list of the four flicks that I wouldn’t miss this weekend.

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Daredevil-Netflix-Motion-Poster Features Home Entertainment Opinion 


Rarely at Graffiti With Punctuation to we review television, but every so often something comes along that demands a wordy, frothy analysis. That show is Daredevil. It’s the first of the Marvel and Netflix ‘Avengers assemble’ team-up where they will give us a handful of series’ from some of the lesser known heroes in the universe: Daredevil (obvi), AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders mini-series which will bring all of these characters together. Perhaps the toughest sell – and the one with the biggest hurdle to…

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