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Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 4.58.18 pm Features FIVE STAR FILMS Interview 


At 6.9ft, the gentle giant plays the dominatrix destroyer Rictus Erectus in George Miller’s latest. With a love of spectacle cinema and experience directors, Jones sat down with Graffiti With Punctuation to share his Five Star Film. Which is ….

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dvd_alien Features Interview News 

Alien, Exodus and Prometheus: A Chat With Ridley’s Scott’s Right Hand Man Charles de Lauzirika

Unlimited access to the movie sets of some of the world’s greatest filmmakers. An unguarded look at the most treasured behind-the-scenes footage from cinema classics. Direct contact with the likes of Ridley Scott, James Cameron and George Lucas. It’s a fanboy’s wet dream, but for documentarian Charles de Lauzirika it’s his job. The 47-year-old writer, director and producer is the man responsible for all your favourite behind-the-scenes featurettes, specifically those of the Ridley Scott. He recently finished up working on The Martian in Budapest – which he calls “phenomenal” –…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.52.26 pm Features Interview 

Arrow actress Jessica De Gouw talks the future of the Huntress and returning as part of the Birds Of Prey

“It’s such a well-oiled machine and the fan base is so huge now, that it’s a pretty cool thing to be a part of.”

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the_mend_web Features Interview 

INTERVIEW: Mathieu Ravier director of Possible Worlds U.S. & Canadian Film Festival

To celebrate the 9th Possible Worlds U.S. & Canadian Film Festival we sat down with festival director Mathieu Ravier about this year’s “flavour.”

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Vic_Armstrong_33681 Features Interview 


What do Superman, Indiana Jones and James Bond have in common? Vic Armstrong. To celebrate the release of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, we had an opportunity to chat Vic about his amazing career, taking the hits for our cinematic heroes.

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Joshua-Oppenheimer Features Interview 

The Act of Interviewing with Joshua Oppenheimer (Director of The Act of Killing)

When the opportunity arose to speak with Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker of the incredibly powerful The Act of Killing Joshua Oppenheimer, thanks to our very own Cam Williams, there was only one question I had to ask: have you ever said ‘who do I have to kill around here for a cup of coffee?’

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IMG_6570 Features Interview 

AACTA Award Winner Lachy Hulme on BatFleck

60s Batman action figures, where we buy our blu rays and Man of Steel driving you to drink; forget the AACTA awards – Mr Lachy Hulme, the man who was almost cast as Joker in The Dark Knight and bat-afficianado stopped by for a chat on the red carpet and things got geeky really fast.

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