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hohw_exf_og Film Review 

Hell or High Water (2016) Movie Review: No Country For Bad Accents

Hell or High Water has had some pretty poor comparisons to No Country for Old Men in the buzz and hype for the film. That’s not to deny that HOHW is a quality viewing, but rather that the world at large is not generating forces like Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh to be unleashed upon the characters. Instead writer Taylor Sheridan is tackling American financial corruption head on.

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heat20th Features Opinion 

HEAT 20TH ANNIVERSARY: “Never goin’ back.”

Al Pacino, when discussing his portrayal as Vincent Hannah, revealed that he and Mann had constructed Hannah as a cocaine addict. They never wanted to show it on screen, but his portrayal is informed by this decision.

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popstarbanner Film Review 

POPSTAR: Never Stop Never Stopping: This is just a tribute

This is not the greatest mockumentary in the world, no! This is just a tribute. But you’ve gotta believe me, it’s still really fair, but it’s just a matter of opinion.

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police_naked_movie Film Review 

MISSING DICKS: The Naked City (1948) Movie Review: “Investigation 101”

Several issues back our Graffiti Thursday schedule featured our list of Definitive Detective films. Thanks to the contribution and collaboration from our team and friends of Graffiti, our list featured quite a few films that I hadn’t crossed paths with. In the coming months, I’m going to attempt to complete the whole set. We open the film at the scene of a crime. The beautiful Jean Dexter, caught up with the wrong people is killed in New York City. Before the night’s out, two killers become one when an emerging…

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The-Neon-Demon-poster-11-620x413 Features Opinion 

Depraved Fable: Nicolas Winding Refn’s (NWR) The Neon Demon

Watching The Neon Demon it’s apparent that NWR films use the real world as a portal to a surreal and mystical one. To view The Neon Demon as purely a metaphor for the fashion industry and the currency of beauty is far too dismissive and literal. Refn’s work, particularly The Neon Demon, functions as parable. There are moral or spiritual warnings at play in his works that blur the lines of space, time and form. In a work staged in an identifiably modern Los Angeles, beauty is currency and therefore…

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seaoflovebanner Film Review 

MISSING DICKS: Sea of Love (1989) “She’s Got a Great A**” 

Sea of Love, written by Price, and directed by Harold Becker is a tale of a New York cop so desperate to regain attachment to the world that he’s willing to forgo the risks of sleeping with a suspected serial murderer.

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