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Founded in 2012Graffiti With Punctuation is an Australian screen geek collective reviewing, podcasting, and writing about the world of movies and T.V. We don’t contend with major news outlets or online trail blazers covering industry talk or celebrity gossip; our team strives to bring you articulate analysis across the gamut of cinema, from lackluster blockbusters to indie masterpieces.

Name: Well the name (like great film site “Aint It Cool”) originates from a film quote. The quote is in Steven Soderberg’s Contagion – where Elliot Gould’s character tells a blogger, played by Jude Law, that: “Blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation.” Graffiti may be considered illicit but we find it rebellious and engaged with the brewing sociopolitical issues informing and influencing pop culture.


Editor-In-Chief/Co Founder – Blake Howard  [former co-host of That Movie Show 2UE] will provide  Rotten Tomatoes approved reviews, opinion and girlish shrieks to the top-rating film podcast Pod Save Our Screen, available now on iTunes. Member of the Online Film Critics Society. He tweets here @blakeisbatman

Co Founder – Cameron Williams  Rotten Tomatoes Approved and renowned Film Reviewer/Writer The Popcorn Junkie will provide reviews and occasional featured opinion.

Maria Lewis of the written word and purple hair. Aspiring author type and professional journalist. Current writer for The Daily Mail Online with other work also found at The Daily Telegraph, The Hoopla, Bloody Disgusting, Empire and more. One half of top-rating film podcast Pod Save Our Screen, available now on iTunes. She tweets too often at @moviemazz.

Sam Spettigue is the resident nerd and Tech Department Lead for the Daily Mail Australia, SysAdmin, DevOp, writer, video & board game aficionado, comic book guru and go-to guy for all things geeky. His other (mostly nonsensical) work can be found at He tweets at @ninjaspag.



Nicholas Brodie is a writer with big hopes and tiny dreams. Possessing an MA in Film he is on hand to provide opinion pieces and reviews on what’s new and, hopefully, still relevant. You can read his pointless tweets @FodusEmpire

Andy Buckle is a passionate Sydney-based film enthusiast and reviewer who has built a respected online voice at his personal blog, The Film Emporium. Andy will contribute reviews, features and be our resident film festival, and awards expert.

Dave Grenfell who runs & co-owns Now Showing P/L in Prahran, VIC. Dave’s been a movie fan for nearly 3 decades; has worked in retail, independent film distributers & with A/V stores. Dave thinks of movies as personal journeys but so much more fun when you can share your path with others. Dave is our Home Entertainment expert.

Kwenton Bellette is extremely passionate about Asian film and the resurgence of new waves taking place in Korea, Japan and China in the last 10 years. He joined the global site Twitchfilm in 2009, is the artistic director of the Fantastic Asia Film Festival is Melbourne and currently studies a film masters degree at Melbourne University. He is very excited to raise further awareness of the what he thinks is the most exciting film industry in the world.

Lisa Malouf has been a lifetime lover of classic films & joins us to write about some of her favourite Five Star classics. She works in childrens’ televisions (content producer, writer, casting) & is a regular film reviewer for The Limerick Review. Lisa is a graduate of NIDA & a double graduate of Sydney Uni. She tweets at @lisamalouf.

Laurence Barber is a Brisbane-based critic and film student whose reviews have garnered him a 2012 Australian Film Critics Association Writing Award. He has also written for The 500 Club and on his own blog, The Film Fix. He has a keen interest in themes of gender and sexuality, as well as the celebration and preservation of camp in cinema. He can be found having opinions on Twitter at @bortlb.

And Amanda Regent is the Janine Melniz of the Graffiti Firehouse.

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