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@NerdRoaring’s 365 Film Artworks in 365 Days

It’s my distinct pleasure to introduce you to a dear friend of Graffiti; Greg @Nerdroaring O’Regan. He’s not just a movie art vigilante lost in the scribbles for his own gratification. That could be dismissed. If you commit to a gargantuan feat like watching 365 movies in 365 days and making art inspired from the film, you yourself are more than just a man. If you devote yourself to that nerdy ideal, and if they can’t stop you, then you become something else entirely. @Nerdroaring’s 365 films in 365 Days is LEGENDARY.

B: Greg, how are you still alive?

G: I have coffee and supportive friends, family and followers to thank. But I have the accumulated coffee high of a year to come down from now; that’s my NEXT challenge.


B: I’m sure you’ve been asked before, but for people just learning about your project, what was the inspiration?

G: As you’re aware Blake i’ve always been a big film fan and big drawer. I’ve always wanted to nut-out a specific style, so i could essentially get ideas down quickly and with some dynamic quirkiness to them. I heard comedian Doug Benson was watching 365 movies in one year, so i thought “I could try and do one better”

B: I can most certainly testify, Greg Loves Movies. What films were the hardest for you to decide what to capture?

G: There were a few and for different reasons too.Some of the Bond films have deceptively nondescript bad guys, that also applied to films like Ronin. Other films i was getting hung up on were the ones like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Series, but it was mainly because it was an embarrassment of riches; I didn’t even get to draw Obi Wan!! He’s one of the best things of the prequel trilogy!!


B: Well you did have Ewan emerging from a toilet, so that’s something…

G: Well one could say that toilet was an artists impression of the prequels as a whole, and he’s emerging unscathed haha

B: After doing 365 films in 365 days, have you discovered anything about the films you’re drawn to (pun not intended)?

G: It was interesting. i felt that there was a shift around the 80s to sort of focus more on the design aspect of films. less gritty of the 60s, 70s, they seemed to push it a bit more and made them stand out.

B: What were the films that made you wanting to do more than one piece of art?

G: So many, more than I could remember now. I would’ve loved to be able to do more ones from the Alien films, a few from the Arnie films.


B: You’re a rare bird that’s done something EVERY DAY for a year, does it feel strange to be away from doing this? like you’re quitting a good habit?

G: Yeah it does a bit. as far as I don’t have “another thing” that i need to get done by the end of the day. It’s taught me how to do multiple things at the same time. So now i don’t have to hear those stereotypes of men not knowing how to multi task!!


B: To be fair, how many of the days did you forget to put pants on?

G: Who says i’ve got them on right now? There was definitely a few times when I was almost passing out drunk and somehow managed to complete them prior to midnight…don’t ask me how..

B: Well despite various states of inebriation and undress, you’ve done something pretty magnificent. How can we get our hands on the collection?

G: You can purchase images from the series: and check them out here on #Instagram: @NerdRoaring.

B: What’s next?

G: I plan to do a sort of “illustrated guide to Nerdom” where i can do more characters from the films, like all of the colonial marines, plus tv characters/elements and comics, video games etc…. but spend a bit more time on them.

B: Amazing stuff.

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