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Like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Dave ‘Drax’ Bautista, Nathan Jones is a wrestler-turned-actor done good. After bit parts in testosterone heavy flicks like Troy and The Condemned, Jones has joined the big Apocalyptic leagues as one of the big bads in Mad Max: Fury Road. At 6.9ft, the gentle giant plays the dominatrix destroyer Rictus Erectus in George Miller’s latest. With a love of spectacle cinema and experience directors, Jones sat down with Graffiti With Punctuation to share his Five Star Film. Which is ….


Alien. I really like science fiction and I really like thrillers, so it’s the perfect combination. It was truly scary and the way the whole environment is created and the atmosphere…. Sigourney Weaver’s performance is really strong. She has that great strength about her, mixed with the survival instinct. It’s the whole package, it’s perfect. It’s just the perfect film.”

Speaking of perfect films, Jones got to work closely with fellow tough guy Tom Hardy on Mad Mad: Fury Road – an experience he says helped better him as an actor.


“When you have blue or green screen there’s nothing to act to, but standing alongside this with the roar of the engines and the smell of the fuel it gets you in the zone and Tom Hardy… he was really cool. He’s intense – he doesn’t mind mixing it up which is great because I come from a wrestling background so I don’t mind that contact. He had some unusual ideas and I went ‘Oh cool, that sounds great’ and went along with it and kept trying different things out. He and I would show George and George is really open minded and he listens to everyone’s opinions, he’s not one of those people who’s like ‘It’s my way or the highway’… He’s very patient and he’s always in control.”


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