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The 5 Worst Films of 2014 in 5 Words or Less

Besides the fact that 2014 has been one of the strongest cinematic years in recent memory, there have been some wonderfully horrific films that have quickly deflated our balloons and brought us all crashing back to Earth. In no particular order here are the five worst films of the year, in five words or less.


Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

A film to sleep through.


Reaching for the Moon (2013)

 Explodes before take-off.


Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

 Deliver us from accents, Amen.


Hercules (2014)

 Brett Ratner: One; Hercules: Zero.


Words And Pictures (2014)

Primary School Debate: The Movie.

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3 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Films of 2014 in 5 Words or Less

  1. I was so looking forward to Sin City II, but that WAS a complete snooze a film 🙁 Such disappointments here

    1. Totally agree on SC2 Courtney. Just pretending it doesn’t exist from now on.

  2. […] wants to spend any more time than we have to talking about films that suck; so to continue my tradition; here are the five worst films of 2015 in five words or […]

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