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Terminator Genisys : Days of Future Past – The franchise is back

What we’ve seen so far out of Terminator Genisys is

  1. strange title spelling
  2. overly posed first glances of the characters and
  3. very minimal involvement from James “Shit yourself with your mouth open” Cameron


After this morning’s trailer, I think there was an immense sigh of relief.

What’s been confirmed in the wake of the first official teaser trailer is that director Alan (Games of Thrones/Thor: The Dark World) Taylor is officially Days of Future Past-ing the mistakes of Rise of the Machines and Salvation out of the franchise. Bryan Singer broke ground on a more serious approach to the superhero genre with the original X-Men film and his latest instalment, with collaboration from Simon Kinberg, it looks as though he’s given studios and filmmakers the road map to both acknowledge and dismiss away any failed attempts to reboot the franchise.


The original prospect of another Terminator film, without the legendary James Cameron involved steering the ship once again paired with those really weird overly posed first glances of the characters (see below), was overriding the hope that Genisys the stellar cast (Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, Matt Smith and  Arnold Schwarzenegger ) was promising.

TG_INTL_Oversized_Teaser_1ShtI’m back in for more Terminator, what about you?




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