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Who’s Afraid of Misery? Not John Jarratt

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Currently touring the home entertainment release of Wolf Creek 2, John Jarratt spoke to Graffiti With Punctuation about his upcoming project StalkHer, which he stars in, wrote, directed, and produced. He describes it as a “cross between Misery and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Jarrett expanded by saying it’s a “two hander. I get ‘tasered’ to the ground by this woman, I’m supposed to break into her house and stalk and I get tied to a chair in a kitchen and I spend the evening tied to a chair in a kitchen.”

Sounds like just the kind of thrilling genre flick to scare and torture the bejesus out of you. Jarratt confessed that the film’s byline, “HE CHASED HER UNTIL SHE CAUGHT HIM,” was stolen from his Mum, who used to say the same about courting Jarratt’s Dad.

No word on a release as yet but we’ll be keeping an eye out for that one in the near future.

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