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THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING AND SUPPORTING GRAFFITI WITH PUNCTUATION! THE WINNERS ARE: katrina stubbs, Clare Miller, Matt Dombrovski, Nisha M and  Rav . Send us your address details to for us to send it your way.

Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have 5 copies of The Turning to giveaway (5 Blu Rays).




For this unique cinematic event, a winning collaboration between some of Australia’s most talented directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, actors and designers, Tim Winton’s beloved collection of individual short stories have been brought to the big screen in one of our industry’s most ambitious projects – seventeen shorts, each with a different filmmaker at the helm. The stories in The Turning feature moments of emotional enlightenment, deal with the impact of the past and present colliding and one how one shapes the other and features serious recurring themes of addiction, obsession, regret, identity and youthful anxiety. As a whole it is a collection of fascinatingly linked, yet individually powerful, emotive and visceral Australian stories that paint a portrait of the Australian experience, with predominant focus on the lower class and beach culture, infusing natural elements like fire and water with flawed characters dealing with personal demons and moral quandaries.

Cam Williams says: 

The diverse range of stories presented in The Turning achieves the hefty goal of capturing the essence of life in Australia that’s as vast, beautiful and mysterious as the landscape itself.  The Turning is pitched as ‘a unique cinema event’ and it’s an offer not to be refused.


Nick Brodie says: 

Take advantage of this special offer in a cinema while you can—chances are we won’t see something on such a grand scale for a long time again.


How do you win?

Comment:  a unique cinema event

*Note you must be in Australia to win (as the DVDs are Region 4) See our full giveaway terms and conditions here.

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