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THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING AND SUPPORTING GRAFFITI WITH PUNCTUATION! THE WINNERS ARE: Michael Lai, Andrew, Keith Harkin, Cathy Z and Josie. Send us your address details to for us to send it your way.

Thanks to Transmission we have 5 copies of MYSTERY ROAD to giveaway (5 DVDs).

Blake Howard says: 

Mystery Road is an unravelling enigma haunted by the spirits of the Australia’s indigenous and colonial past. It positions ‘civilisation’ alongside the outback and it’s inescapable ochre stain. It’s Australia’s answer to No Country for Old Men.

????? and a half

Andy Buckle says: 


I have to admit the sole investigator crime procedural is an attractive genre for me personally. But watching one that is so culturally specific, which addresses a number of issues plaguing Australian lower class outback dwellers – drugs, alcoholism, gambling, youth dysfunction and an unchecked gun culture – and the corrupt white police force overseeing it all, made it all the more fascinating. I remained engrossed throughout, stunned by how the terrain was photographed, the understated score, the brewing tension that sneaks up on you, and how the pieces of the mystery gradually are assembled as the empowered Jay seeks to make his worthy intentions clear. The well-choreographed final face-off offered up something completely unexpected, a suitable culmination that is sure to reward a patient viewer.



Mystery Road sees Detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen) returning home to the outback after  time in the city, and straight into the murder of a young indigenous girl. Getting to the truth of her demise will take Swan to every corner of his home town as the pervasive shadows of the past cast their influence over the dark happenings of the present.

How do you win?

Comment: Stop looking at me Swan!

*Note you must be in Australia to win (as the DVDs are Region 4) See our full giveaway terms and conditions here.

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