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AACTA Award Winner Lachy Hulme on BatFleck


60s Batman action figures, where we buy our blu rays and Man of Steel driving you to drink; forget the AACTA awards – Mr Lachy Hulme, the man who was almost cast as Joker in The Dark Knight and bat-aficionado stopped by for a chat on the red carpet and things got geeky really fast.


I couldn’t help but ask firstly if he’d heard that 60s Batman is going to be released on DVD for the first time, his reaction: “AAAAAAAWWWWW You’re kidding. So who gets what piece of the pie? the dispute ahas always been who gets the North American Sales; is it Warner or Fox…” After revealing his passion for the show by the encyclopedic knowledge of monetary disputes he goes on to list with great excitement that he’s got every single character from the recent action figures release.
The most important question: What does he think of BatFleck? What follows inadvertently confirmed some of the Internet rumours flying around.


“I think we’re very lucky as Bat Fans to have an Oscar winning screenwriter on board (Affleck won an Academy Award for Good Will Hunting alongside Matt Damon). I’ve got a couple of friends in the cast, Laurence Fishburne and Harry Lennix; I spoke with Lennix and Fish about it and what their thoughts were, and particularly Harry whose a massive Superman fan (he played General Swanwick in Man of Steel), they’re thrilled that Ben’s on board. He’s brought Chris Terrio (Argo) in to do a re-write of the script and Chris is a sensational writer and they’re pumped as. ‘Cause they all wanna make a great film.”



When the topic of Batman Vs Superman comes up, we just had to talk about Man of Steel.
“I think look, it can’t be any worse than Man of Steel.” Leaning in, “You know what I mean.” It’s now that he revealed how he and Power Games co-star Patrick Brammall bonded over the mutual disappointment of Man of Steel: “Patty and I went to the opening of Man of Steel together, we were so angry when we walked out. We walked up to a bar on Chapel Street in Melbourne and just started doing shots like a couple of angry bastards; very disappointed in it.”


But as Harvey Dent says, the night is always darkest before the dawn. “I’m quietly confident it’s going to be good. I’d be fascinated to see if the Internet rumours are true and that Dick Grayson is going to be a character. Because Robin is actually MY hero. I’m a purist. I love the old Bob Kane/Bill Finger stuff.”


Lachy Hulme went on to win the AACTA award for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama for POWER GAMES: THE PACKER-MURDOCH STORY.

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