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INTERVIEW: Rove McManus and Tasma Walton


On the red carpet of the AACTAs we also got a chance to talk with Talk-Show star and comedian Rove McManus and his beautiful AACTA nominated wife Tasma Walton. The first and most important question after the birth of their new baby girl Ruby: who gets to choose the baby’s Twitter handle?
Tasma, looking to her husband says “I don’t know, I trust you.”
With a smug confidence and insistent nodding Rove retorts “I’ve got it… I’ve gotta get in quick because otherwise she’ll end up with @Ruby_012McManus12December”

I had to throw it out there, ‘you’ve gotta have @RubyRove’

Retorting with faux intensity Rove responded, “Dammit, how quickly can I get that.”


Turning to the night at hand and Tasma’s amazing performance I asked if force of nature and filmmaker Ivan Sen – who directed, edited, wrote, produced and scored Mystery Road – also catered the film. Tasma chuckled and said “well he actually did during rehearsals and he makes a mean coffee.” Tasma described working on the film by saying that, “the set that he (Ivan) runs is really grounded and really focused. Everyone just wants to do their absolute best for him because he sets the bar so high. Still waters run deep with him. It’s a real honour and pleasure to work with him.”

Mystery Road, which I called “Australia’s answer to No Country for Old Men” did not walk away with the gongs this year but its none-the-less a tremendous work that you should definitely seek out.

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