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INTERVIEW: Michala Banas (star of Upper Middle Bogan)


“Tell her to go fuck herself…I didn’t say that, I didn’t say that [laughs]” says the incredibly talented and beautiful star of Upper Middle Bogan Michala Banas. That’s in response to me confiding in her that my housemate is exactly like her foul mouthed, hard arse character Amber Wheeler from Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope’s tremendous Australian comedy. When I asked Banas how similar she is to her character Amber she reveals that, “that’s me in a car, in traffic.” The series (that’s loosely based on the life of comedian Judith Lucy) is due to start filming its next series in May and Banas couldn’t heap more praise on the production: “I wish it was happening tomorrow. I can literally, legitimately say it was a BLAST.”


Hope and Butler’s last series The Librarian’s was a darker comedic beast but with Tony Martin sharing directorial duties there’s a really silly light contrast to its bite. Banas says: “That’s a testament to them steering away from the really dark comedy they normally do and wanting to get to the heart to the story and everyone relates to it, all walks of life.”


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