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INTERVIEW: David Michod – Director of The Rover and Animal Kingdom

David Mich?d well and truly set the record straight about his new film The Rover on the red carpet of the AACTA awards tonight. When discussing its post apocalyptic feel he quickly railed against that assertion. “It’s about me thinking about today. I can already tell that I’m going to have to go out of my way over the next few months to point out that it isn’t ‘post-apocalypse.’ It’s about ten or twenty years in the future after just a really steady western economic collapse. And on that level it feels like me talking about an entirely possible Australia.”


After the success of Animal Kingdom and collaborating on numerous projects as a screenwriter I asked how he came to The Rover.
“It took me quite a while to work out what the next movie was gonna be and I had written the first draft of The Rover before I had written Animal Kingdom and never thought that it would be the next movie. I just suddenly found myself returning to it and saying ‘I wanna do this one.'”

After the trailer for David Mich?d’s latest film, The Rover, dropped like a bomb on the internets today I had to know when we’re able to see it. Devastatingly it’s not looking like being released in Australia until July. “I would LOVE to start showing people because I’m sick of sitting in this weird limbo land of having finished it a couple of months ago and just wanting to know what the world makes of it.”

“If it were up to me I’d be screening it right now, I’d be walking around showing people on my phone.”

10 years following the collapse of society, a man will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that still matters to him.

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