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Deborah Mailman’s FIVE STAR FILM: The Karate Kid (1984)


Sneaking through the pandemonium of the AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) red carpet Australia’s most loveable actor Deborah Mailman came to chat with Graffiti With Punctuation, and I couldn’t resist but to probe her on her Five Star Film? Her answer: “The Karate Kid.”


Her answer caused me to exclaim: “That is the greatest answer I have ever heard to that question.” For a brief moment we laugh about what kind of answer I was expecting but she confides that: “as a kid sitting in the cinema, it was my favourite thing to do and it’s still my favourite thing to do.” Her favourite selection followed and included “Rocky, Star Wars, Indiana Jones….” Just as sincerely as she talks about her art, her cheekiness kicks in and she proclaims that “…Ralph Macchio is the reason why I am here right now.” Now why hasn’t that ever been in her acceptance speeches.

Deborah Mailman and I attempting the ‘crane’


Mailman stars in the ABC Series Redfern Now; which was awarded the AACTA for Best Dramatic TV Series for 2013.

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