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Cam Williams’ Top 10 Documentaries of 2013

The format of documentary filmmaking was redefined in 2013 with exceptional directors challenging the way stories are told. There has been a really good mix of traditional ‘talking head’ docos, incredible tales of investigative journalism and experimental films that highlight the importance of the medium to expose a hidden truth or examine the human condition. For this reason I’ve decided to give documentaries their own list this year. A few docos may be left over from 2012 but they only made their way to Australia and into my eyeballs in 2013 via a delayed release or film festival.


10. American Scream

sound city

9. Sound City


8. The Queen of Versailles


7. Dirty Wars


6. A Band Called Death


5. Blackfish


4. Rewind This!


3. Stories We Tell


2. Cutie and the Boxer


1. The Act of Killing


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2 thoughts on “Cam Williams’ Top 10 Documentaries of 2013

  1. Michael

    Why are none of your lists using uniform image sizes? They look a mess. And no words on WHY they’re the best?

  2. I was supposed to see The Act of Killing, Blackfish and Stories We Tell in theaters, and I missed all three! Definitely need to get on top of this doc list!

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