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Much Ado About Nothing DVD Giveaway ***COMPLETED***

THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING AND SUPPORTING GRAFFITI WITH PUNCTUATION! THE WINNERS ARE: Kerry Green, Terence, Mary Kaponay, Jeanine luck and Lisa P. Send us your address details to for us to send it your way.

Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have 5 copies of Much Ado About Nothing to giveaway (5 DVDs).


Prepare to be absolutely smitten with Much Ado About Nothing. In a sea of noisy, destructive and empty big budget blockbusters Whedon shows that there is beauty in simplicity.

[rating=4] and a half

Cameron Williams – follow Cam on Twitter here: @popcornjunkies

Much Ado About Nothing is very entertaining, fit with unwavering energy and wit. The purity of Shakespeare’s language, which is an absolute pleasure to listen to, is entwined with plentiful humour and tragedy. Superb comic performances from Whedon’s likable ensemble bring this tale of unlikely love and villainous conspiracy to life. Screening at local indie cinemas and highly recommended.

[rating=4] and a half

Andrew Buckle – follow Andy on Twitter here: @buckle22

Official Synopsis: 

Joss Whedon’s modern re-telling of Much Ado About Nothing stars Whedon film and television regulars Amy Acker (‘Angel’, ‘Dollhouse’), Alexis Denisof (‘Buffy’, ‘Angel’, ‘Dollhouse’), Clark Gregg (The Avengers), Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods, ‘Dollhouse’) and Nathan Fillion (‘Buffy’, ‘Firefly’, Serenity). Using the original text, adapted by Joss Whedon, the story of sparring lovers Beatrice (Acker) and Benedick (Denisof) offers a dark, sexy, funny and occasionally absurd view of the intricate game that is love.

Leonato, the governor of Messina, is visited by his friend Don Pedro, who is returning from a victorious campaign against his rebellious brother Don John. Accompanying Don Pedro are two of his officers: Benedick and Claudio.Claudio falls for Leonato’s daughter Hero, while Benedick verbally spars with Beatrice, the governor’s niece. A series of comic and tragic events looks like it may keep the two couples from truly finding happiness…but then again, perhaps love will indeed prevail in the end?

How do you win? 

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*Note you must be in Australia to win (as the DVDs are Region 4) See our full giveaway terms and conditions here.

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