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TRAILER: Japanese Remake of UNFORGIVEN

It’s usually an international gem of a film (ala OLD BOY) that’s being given the English language treatment, but this time Clint Eastwood’s Oscar winning Best Picture Unforgiven (written by David Peoples) is being out-sourced. The samurai re-imagining of one of the greatest Western’s ever made brings the equally epic presence of Ken Watanabe into Eastwood’s leading role, and other than some finer details in the the context, the heart of the story (according to the trailer below) remains intact. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

According to Twitch:

The action is now set in late 1800?s Hokkaido with the lead actor Ken Watanabe playing a long retired samurai drawn back into action by the combination of poverty and a large bounty, at a time when Japan largely abandons the old ways to adopt a more modern stance.



Picture via Collider

Trailer via Twitch 

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