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zero Film Review 

REVIEW: Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Bigelow presents harsh truths and poses uncomfortable questions. How far would a nation go to avenge their people? What morally bankrupt exercises could/would you conduct in the name of “freedom”? Torture, brutality, coercion, manipulation, deceit – there are no rules, just the objective at all costs. The result is a powerfully engaging dramatic work that is easily Bigelow’s most accomplished directorial effort.

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lesmisanne Film Review 

REVIEW: Les Misérables (2012)

Filmmaker Tom Hooper manages to break a record for climbing to the apex of movie musicals with Les Misérables. Unfortunately, he does it within the first hour of proceedings and the slide back to the bottom is a laborious walk through the famous stage musical’s song book.

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OGF Features Opinion 

Films to see in 2013

After the high caliber of films in 2012 there’s a good chance that we could experience a hangover of quality in 2013.

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cabin-in-the-woods-book-visual-companion-cover Features Opinion 

Maria Lewis’ Top 10 of 2012

10. A tie between Frankenweenie Restoring the faith he all but destroyed with the woeful Dark Shadows, Tim Burton returned with swagger in this love letter to the monster movies that shaped him as a filmmaker and creative voice. Beautifully animated, this twisted zombie tale about a boy and his best friend is truly one of Burton’s best.   10. and This Must Be The Place Like an almost equally great film released this year – Seven Psychopaths – This Must Be The Place has been forgotten amongst the bevy…

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chrmcslide Features Interview 

INTERVIEW: Christopher McQuarrie (Director/Screenwriter Jack Reacher)

In fact meeting Jack Reacher’s director/screen writer Christopher McQuarrie really couldn’t have been cooler. The candid and eloquent ‘go to’ screenwriter is finally getting a chance to show off his directorial aptitude for a mainstream audience and boy did he grab it with both hands.

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hobbit-unexpected-journey-poster2-bilbo-sword-610x902 Film Review 

REVIEW: The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey

The first step into a trilogy of films built off the back of a swift read is daunting, but Jackson has crafted a film that’s a wild and visually stunning quest through a fantasy world all done with the noble spirit of courage and goodwill.

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