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TRAILER: A Good Day to Die Hard

Yippee Kayee Mother Russia indeed. A Good Day To Die Hard, the fifth film in the Die Hard series sees Bruce Willis’ John McCalne heading over to Russia to visit his son (Aussie Jai Courtney) and right into the middle of an explosive terrorist plot (as his luck often would have it). And who doesn’t love Die Hard?! Here’s to hoping that the villainy is much more Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman – RICKMAN IS KING) than that disgruntled computer geek that Timothy Olyphant played.

Check out the trailer below and get excited.

A Good Day To Die Hard is released: 14 February 2013 USA and UK & 21 March 2013 Australia

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One thought on “TRAILER: A Good Day to Die Hard

  1. Laura Howard

    Love it! Can’t wait. 😀

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