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Sydney Underground Film Festival

ATTN: Sydney cinefiles – between Thursday the 6th and Sunday the 9th of September – the 6th Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) will be showcasing a bunch of great flicks that definitely won’t be gracing your mainstream multiplex. For those of you who haven’t heard of SUFF – their festival showcases “quality independent films that transgress the status quo and challenge the conservative conventions of filmmaking. The festival is devoted to renewing local interest in independent and experimental film as part of an international underground film culture and aims to change an ingrained culture of cinematic complacency and revitalise an enthusiasm for cinema.” And for supporters of Graffiti With Punctuation our friends at SUFF have provided us with a swathe of special codes to get discounted tickets to a bunch of the great films on show. Get along and support indie cinema.

Check out the relevant links below for the program and social media and listed below are all the special offer codes:

Official Website:
Full programme flipbook:
Pocket timetable:
Twitter: @SUFF_FilmFest

Some of the promo codes are (valid for a limited time only):

SHRIM = $30 opening night tickets

VICE = The Fourth Dimension $10 tix

REDTAPE = Unmade in China $10 tix

SEEDY = Total Badass $10 tix

GIALLO = Berberian Sound Studio $10 tix

SUFFDOODLE = Doodleburger $10 tix

1968 = Eggshells $10 tix

SUFFSHEIK = The Sheik and I $10 tix

SHORT = any short film session $10 tix

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