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Top 10 Bad Third Films

Christopher Nolan unleashes his third Batman film ‘Dark Knight Rises’ on the world this week but will it suffer the fate of most third films by being a complete disaster?  According to GWP critic Blake Howard the answer is no in his 6 star review. Plenty of films have felt the wrath of the curse of the third film so we’re counting down the top 10 bad third films.

10. Beverly Hills Cop 3

People love Eddie Murphy and theme parks, what could go wrong?  It’s that kind of thinking that ended the Beverly Hills Cop series.  The franchise rested on the charm of Murphy who was an energetic force of comedy in the first film.  Almost ten years later Murphy was overpaid (US$15 million) and on auto-pilot while audiences watched as his career got crushed by a ferris wheel gondola.

9. Robocop 3

It’s the one where Robocop flies…enough said.

8. Blade: Trinity

Blade verses Dracula with Ryan Reynolds wisecracking on the side and Jessica Biel putting on her best frown or as she likes to call it – acting.   In 2010, Wesley Snipes was sentenced to jail for tax evasion but we all know what he’s really doing time for.

7. Austin Powers: Goldmember

YEAH BABY! Three films from one catch phrase is a pretty good effort but there’s only so much Mike Myers could milk from bad teeth, nicknames for male appendages and Verne Troyer.

6. X-Men: The Last Stand

Directed by Brett Ratner but in reality he capped the X-Men franchise from the grassy knoll.  After Director Bryan Singer established two great films prior, with the latter setting up the famous Dark Phoenix comic book storyline, Ratner destroyed all Singer’s hard work.  Quicker than you could say “I’m the juggernaut bitch” (actual dialogue from the film) the series was done that led to the reboot X-Men: First Class.

5. The Godfather: Part 3

The Godfather films were so good that were divvied up into “parts” but the final act of the Corleone saga was more like a limp nub.

4. Superman 3

The film Richard Pryor overtook because that’s what the Man of Steel needed; more comedy.  Superman also goes evil at one point and spends his days drinking in a bar…thrilling stuff. While Superman 3 didn’t sink the series it put a serious dent in the franchise that morphed into a vortex of garbage with Superman 4: The Quest for Peace.

3. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

No James Cameron, no Sarah Conner and no clue.  Arnold Schwarzenegger must have needed an extension on his home gym for signing on for this pointless entry into franchise.  The machines did rise, just not up to anybody’s expectations.

2. Alien 3

The film may be set in a space prison but the real prisoner is you, trapped in the cinema having to watch David Fincher’s disaster-piece.  It’s not all Fincher’s fault, he was a young director at the time and the film was plagued by studio interference and a demanding Sigorney Weaver.  Apparently, Weaver didn’t enjoy the gun-porn of James Cameron’s Aliens so made a list of demands that would ensure Alien 3 would be different and the studio agreed so she would return.  One of the demands was that her character would have sex with the alien at some point, but luckily someone talked her out of it and they saved it for Alien Resurrection.

1. Spiderman 3

Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films were a huge success critically and financially but the web became tangled with the arrival of the third film.  Flying snowboarders, emo dancing and domestic violence turned your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man into a huge prick.  Overloaded with too many villains (that included the hero’s bad turn), a clunky plot and a diabolical finale that plays out via a News Report and you’ve got tears in your popcorn.  The film was so bad that Sony/Columbia decided they wouldn’t press on with a planned Spider-Man 4 with fears that too much damage had been done by Spider-Man 3 that lead to the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man.

If you look carefully in this clip from Spiderman 3 you can see Tobey Maguire dancing on the grave of the Raimi spidey-franchise.

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