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PHOTOS: OZ Comic Con Day 1 (Updated)

Here are some snaps of Graffiti in punctuation on the ground at Oz Comic Con – Day including: cosplay of some of your favourite Comic Book Movie characters, The Stan Lee Panel, Nick Brodie facing off against the Hulk and @Blakeisbatman confronting Bane.




Star of Firefly, Serenity & Much Ado About Nothing: Sean Maher
Voice actors: Sabat Vale and Haberkorn
Star of Cabin in the Woods Fran Kranz

Photos Copyright Nathan Lai/Blake Howard

Blake Howard – follow Blake on Twitter here: @blakeisbatman

Nathan Lai – follow Nathan on Twitter here: @nxlai

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4 thoughts on “PHOTOS: OZ Comic Con Day 1 (Updated)

  1. That Spawn costume was pretty damn impressive. The film itself, not so much.

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