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1st Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

Timing is everything and Disney has dropped the first trailer for their videogame themed animated film ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ in the midst of the biggest gaming convention on the planet E3.

In the film John C. Reilly voices Ralph a bad guy in a Donkey Kong style arcade game.  Tired of being the villain he escapes into the world of videogames in search of a place where he can be the hero.

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ is not a Pixar film but it has a similar feel.  The best part of the trailer is all the gaming references and it’s fantastic that so many companies have allowed the filmmakers to use their characters instead of being caught up in legal limbo.

‘Wreck it Ralph’ is released:

2 November 2012 US

26 December 2012 Australia

15 February 2013 UK

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