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Oz Comic Con – Adelaide Wrap Up

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Wading through the crowd thousands deep, as Adelaide prepares to welcome the Comic-Con to Australian shores – crazed fans, fanatical geeks, and obsessive nerds rolled out en masse with a colourful cavalcade of brilliant cosplay …

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Interview with Jewel Staite


Jewel Staite, star of Serenity, Firefly and Stargate: Atlantisrecently sat down to speak with Nathan Lai in preparation for Oz Comic Con.  Hitting Adelaide 31st March and then Melbourne on June 30th & July 1st, tickets are still available…

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REVIEW: Any Questions For Ben?

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Working Dog, for those living under a rock is the, quartet of Rob Sitch (Co-Writer/Director), Santo Cilauro (Co-Writer), Tom Gleisner (Co-Writer) and Jane Kennedy (Casting Director – and Rob’s wife). This is their much anticipated return to cinematic comedy a full 12 years after the release of The Dish and it’s there chosen topic is the ‘Quarter life crisis’.

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